You do not save any money booking your airline tickets more than 14 days in advance –

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Airline pricing today does not provide any financial benefits for booking your domestic airline ticket more than 14 days in advance. A recent study by Executive Travel which reviewed ticket prices to15 top destinations in the U.S. found that the average round-trip airfare for departing the same day was $563. If you make a reservation 7 days in advance the average airfare drops to $369, a saving of $194. If you make your travel reservation with a 14 day advance purchase the average price drops to $247, an additional savings of $122. Amazingly making an airline reservation with more than a 14 day advance purchase did not save any money at all. Just a few years ago we saw significant discounts offered with a 21 day advance purchase. Before that the airlines offered bigger discounts with a 30 day advance purchase. The new rule of thumb is that booking your airline ticket with a 7 day advance purchase saves you almost $200. Booking with a 14 day advance purchase saves you an additional $100 or more.

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Hidden cost of $200 change fee results in business travelers paying more for tickets booked more than 14 days in advance

If you look at the numbers above one thing jumps out at you, you pay the same price for a ticket with a 21 day advance purchase as those with a 14 day advance purchase. The hidden cost for a business traveler is that almost 10% of all business travel trips are cancelled or changed, which results in a $200 change fee charged by the big three airlines (American, Delta and United). The law of averages tells us that the further out you book your ticket the greater likelihood there is that a meeting gets changed or cancelled, resulting in a $200 airline change fee. The bottom line is that if you wait to make your reservation until 14 days prior to your travel you most likely will avoid paying some $200 change fees that come when meetings and schedules get moved around.

91% of Travelers will drive 6 hours before they will pay more than $300 for an airline ticket –

Last week Executive Travel asked travelers, “How much would you pay for a single airline ticket to fly on a 90 minute flight (470 miles, i.e. Omaha to Chicago) before you would consider driving 6.5 hours to the same destination?” With an overwhelming majority, 91% of participants said they would pay $300 or less to fly as opposed to drive that distance. 3.4% said they pay nothing and prefer to drive, 64% said they would fly if spending $200 or less, 23.4% would be willing to pay $300, while only 9% would spend $400 or above to fly. Thank you to the 909 travelers who took our survey last week. CLICK HERE to read more details about the survey.

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