You may soon be required to have a visa to enter Europe –

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In a major step backwards the hot shots of the European Union (EU) are threatening to require American travelers who are traveling to Europe to have a VISA. Currently the U.S. has a reciprocity agreement with the EU that allows EU citizens to enter the U.S. without a visa. The EU in turn allows Americans to enter the EU without a visa as well. About two years ago the United States became concerned about the security of people entering from the EU member nations of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania and now requires visas for the citizens of only those 5 countries to enter the U.S.. The politicians in Europe say this is not fair and if the U.S. won’t provide full reciprocity to all EU countries that they will require Americans to have a visa to travel Europe. How stupid can you be? The EU should be begging Americans to come to Europe in the face of all the terrorist attacks, but their politicians want to beat on their chest and try to show how powerful they are.

Is the European Union about to collapse? –

In just a few months our British friends will be voting if they want to exit the EU. The Visa flap mentioned above, if implemented, would be a major blow to the EU. Add to that the financial mess of southern Europe and you are starting to see major cracks in the glorious idea of a unified Europe. I for one really appreciate having only one currency when traveling throughout Europe as well as not messing with Visa’s for each country. The people of Germany, who are the leading economic engine of the EU, may also be getting tired of having to bail out all the weaker countries in Eastern and Southern Europe. If the British exit I expect other dominos to fall and the European Union may begin to collapse.

Expect long security lines this summer at Chicago O’Hare terminal 1 (United Airlines) –

United Airlines last week started a four months long remodeling project of their Red Carpet lounge on the B concourse of terminal one. This means last week they shut down security check point 3 and only 2 check points will remain open for the next 16 weeks. You have to ask the question, Why would United start a remodel project during the busy summer travel season rather than wait a few month until air travel slows seasonally? Expect long security lines in Chicago this year.

Uber is killing taxis and taking a smaller bite out of rental cars –

Ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft appear to be taking a giant bite out of the market share once dominated by taxi companies. Easy to use on-demand Uber has made people flee the poor service offered by the monopoly taxi services. Now a recent article in Skift Magazine says the Uber/Lyft combo may now be reaching the giant car rental companies as Hertz says they have seen a decline in demand. Our friends at National/Enterprise say they continue to grow and see that Uber has a bigger effect on taxis. CLICK HERE to read more.

Warning – Using airplane Wi-Fi is very dangerous –

Security experts are sounding the alarm that using the public Wi-Fi on airplanes is extremely dangerous as the systems can be easily hacked and people on the airplane can see and read everything on your laptop. Two weeks ago Paul in our office was flying to Phoenix and the person behind him asked the person in front of him how he liked the article he had just finished reading. The person was shocked to find out that the hacker could see everything on his computer that was logged into the airplanes Wi-Fi. This is scary stuff. Adding to this drama, Sunday night I was watching 60 minutes on CBS and saw a very scary video about how easy it now is to hack into your smart phone. It would appear nothing is private anywhere anymore. CLICK HERE if you want to watch the scariest 13 minute video of your life.

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