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Airlines launch giant airfare sale with prices as low as $49 – $99 OW to get you back traveling –

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  The travel industry came crashing to a stop in April with COVID-19. At the time, I shared that in order to start filling some of the empty seats, the airlines would most likely launch a giant airfare sale. Well, here you go! It looks like the airlines are ready to put the pedal to […]

If you rent a car this year it maybe 1 or even 2 years old –

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  Car rental companies are obviously suffering from the economic tsunami that the virus has brought to the travel industry. The obvious way they deal with the downturn is to not purchase any new vehicles and extend the life of their current inventory. For the car renter, this means that you probably won’t get that […]

Here is my crystal ball on the 10 new things to deal with the next time you fly.

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  #1 – Everyone is required to wear a face mask – This is no big news for many people as over the last two weeks almost all the airlines said they will require face masks for all crew and passengers. I expect this requirement will be with us at least through the end of […]

Great news! We are now taking orders for face masks for travelers –

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  This past week many airlines announced they are requiring face masks for all staff and passengers who are flying in the future. Many of the airlines said they would make face masks available at the check-in desk or gate. We do not know at this time if they will provide them for free or […]