Have you ever tried playing airline seat assignment roulette? –

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I refuse to pay extra for those roomier seats with extra legroom offered by the airlines under the brands of Economy Plus (UA), Main Cabin Extra (AA), and Comfort+ (DL). So here is what I do to bag those seats without paying for them. The majority of people are like me and don’t want to pay an extra $50 for that extra legroom so they go online in advance and select seats assignments for those seats in the back of the plane that don’t cost extra. I simply wait until the last few days (or even hours) before the flight and all the “no fee” seats are taken. This leaves the airline to assign me a seat from one of the remaining “extra legroom” seats. If the plane is not full there are sometimes full rows empty that I can stretch out in. This works well when traveling as an individual but is not as easy when traveling as a couple or family. You also risk getting stuck in a middle seat if the plane is full. I have used this technique dozens of times and have been a happy camper every time.

I am so tired of airlines acting like sheep and blindly all going in the same direction –

When will someone in the airline industry take a leadership position and boldly focus on their customers instead of only on their bottom line? Watching the airlines is like watching Tweedledum and Tweedledee copy each other. First one adds a fee, the next day they all match it. One adds more seats to an airplane and makes their customers miserable and sure enough they all do the Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Now they are bastardizing their frequent flyer programs so their points are less and less valuable for the people who have saved for years in hopes of using their points. We need bold leadership by one of the airlines to be laser focused on game changing customer service. If some airline made it easy and fun to travel they would soon understand their bean counters would be happy as profits would grow exponentially. I wonder if there are any Bulls in the airline brass or all they all sheep?

Rules, rules, and more rules by airlines make customers frustrated –

This last week I was flying on Delta Air Lines from Ft. Lauderdale to Lincoln. My meeting got over earlier so I found an earlier flight that would get me home 4 hours earlier so I jumped on the phone and found out I could not get on the earlier flight as it required a different connecting flight (through Atlanta) versus my original connecting flight (through Minneapolis). I was willing to pay a fee to change but the airline rules did not make this simple request possible. No wonder the airlines and politicians have about the same customer satisfaction scores.

Restaurants are getting rid of men’s and women’s restrooms –

Many of the new restaurants I visit are replacing men’s and women’s bathrooms with unisex bathrooms. One restaurant I was in had 6 individual rooms that are used on a first come first served basis. I actually think this makes the wait times much less. I think guys like this new idea however, I have heard from several women who say they don’t like sharing with men who they say are so messy (and leave the lid up).

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