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Airlines are increasing baggage fees and the cost of checking two bags can now be more than the cost of the airline ticket  – 

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Last week United Airlines increased its checked baggage fee by $5 to $35 for the first bag and $45 for a second bag. This increase follows the increase by JetBlue Airways in January. If history repeats itself all the other airlines will soon follow suit. The round trip cost of checking two bags is now […]

Steve’s 12 great ways to use your smartphone camera when traveling –

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#1. My iPhone camera is my best travel resource – I use my iPhone to take pictures of almost everything when I travel. For example, instead of keeping all those receipts for meals I simply pull out my iPhone and click a picture and send it to the accounting department rather than stick the receipt in […]

Hello from Frankfurt, Germany

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  I am flying home today after spending the last 3 days at Ambiente, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for consumer goods. Frankfurt is not one of my favorite cities in Germany but it has plenty to do and see if you are a business traveler looking for good eats and treats after […]

The Coronavirus will probably affect your financial health more than your physical health –

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The Coronavirus has basically shut down a large part of the Chinese economy in the last week. Factories all over China are closed, people are not traveling to or within China, and some people in China are just locking their doors and staying home in hopes to not catch the virus. The stock markets around […]