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Steve’s 2020 annual top 10 hotel pet peeves –

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  As you know I travel a lot (except for the last 4 months). During my travels, I stay in a lot of different hotel rooms and I am able to notice a lot of things that are good, bad and ugly about hotels. Every year I update my annual list of top 10 hotel […]

Warning! Booking a pre-paid, nonrefundable hotel room might be a disaster since as many as 8000 hotels may be closed by September –

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  A hotel industry trade group recently reported (CLICK HERE) that as many as 8000 hotels may be casualties of COVID-19  as early as September if things don’t get better soon. These will not be just hotels at the bottom end of the quality chain but also 3, 4, and even 5-star hotels that will be turned back to […]

Blocking middle seats on airplanes would increase airfares by $87 –

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Delta and Southwest Airlines are both saying they will block middle seats through the month of September as added protection from COVID-19 for people who fly this summer. Other major airlines like United and American Airlines say that is a publicity stunt as even when middle seats are blocked you are still just inches away […]

States and even cities are putting in their own travel rules that are confusing and frustrating travelers –

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It seems like every state and many big cities are all putting in their own travel restrictions that are causing confusion and frustration for people traveling for business and pleasure. I was looking at an article on USA Today CLICK HERE that shows all the state restrictions and was surprised that even my state of Nebraska has […]