Here is my four-step plan to give travelers the confidence to start traveling again –

Here is my four-step plan to give travelers the confidence to start traveling again –

I think the airlines have done a lot recently to make sure travelers are safeguarded when they fly. However, I think the airlines are going to need to add even more safeguards to give the traveling public the confidence to travel again. After talking to some of our customers and finding out their ideas of how confidence could be restored I have come up with my own four-step safety and security protocol plan to prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. I hope airline executives will consider these and other ideas to supplement what they are already doing in this area. Frankly, these ideas are so practical I don’t see how airlines could not implement them.”

Step 1 –  Take travelers’ temperature before entering the airplane and prohibit sick people from flying –

This is a simple process of measuring the temperature of all people about to enter the airplane with an infrared contactless thermometer aimed at the traveler’s forehead. This process takes five seconds and the cost of the thermometer is less than $200. This process would identify abnormal temps that may indicate a fever, hypothermia or other illnesses and prevent sick travelers from flying in order to protect other travelers. People with temperatures would not be able to fly.

Step 2 – Require everyone that is boarding the plane to use antibacterial hand sanitizer –

This is a simple and logical step that most public places are implementing that should be a requirement before entering a plane.

Step 3 – Require anyone coughing or sneezing on a flight to wear a face mask –

Airlines should provide anyone on the airplane who is coughing or sneezing with an N95 face mask. This protects all the people around the person coughing and sneezing from the possible transmission of airborne particles that could infect people on the flight. Instead of giving everyone on a flight a face mask, which some health experts say is of little value, this approach would be to only give the person coughing the mask to protect others.

Step 4 – Present everyone on a flight with antibacterial wipes that can be used to sanitize their seat space –

This is also being done by some people who are bringing antibacterial wipes onboard themselves. We recommend that two packets be given to every traveler for them to clean their space.

Please email me what you think the airlines could do to make you feel more confident in flying the next time you travel. Thanks so much.