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Here are the ten biggest winners in the travel industry caused by COVID-19

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  #1 – Hotel deals – What is bad news for hotels is good news for travelers. Hotels are desperate for business. Many will be fighting for new business by simply lowering their rates. The best hotel deals will come from giant convention hotels that will not be having big meetings or conventions for the foreseeable […]

Here are the 10 biggest losers in the travel industry caused by COVID-19 (Followed by 10 biggest winners next week)

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      #1 – Cruise Lines – It was just announced last week that the cruise industry will continue to be shut down until at least September 15 for cruises sailing from U.S. ports. Some suggest that social distancing protocols make the cruise industry unprofitable until a vaccine is available which might be a […]

Airline $200 change fees are now history with new airline health protocols –

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All the airlines are introducing new health protocols that you are required to complete before you get on an airplane. These new protocols basically (see United’s below) require a traveler to perform a health self-evaluation before you get on a plane. If you fail something as simple as having a cough in the last 14 […]

Airlines are coming out of hibernation in July –

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Airlines are coming out of hibernation in July – The COVID-19 freeze is just about to thaw next month as the airlines start to reinstate hundreds of flights to their schedule both domestically and even internationally. United Airlines is adding 150 domestic (and Canadian) flights in July and dozens of others to Europe and Asia. Business […]

You may never be able to fly again if you require an empty middle seat –

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  Many people expect planes to be empty when they travel this month. They are most likely going to be greatly disappointed. The airlines are trying to do everything they can to allow for social distancing on flights by blocking middle seats when possible. United will warn you when the flight is over 70% full […]