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How crazy is this? Airfare is $36 and baggage fees of $50 –

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This last week we had a customer who found an amazing airfare from Florida to Chicago for $36 one-way. The funny thing is that the fee for their luggage was $50. Basically, the cost of sending the bags was more than sending the person. Ironically some airlines’ service is so bad they treat people as […]

I was shocked to find out over half of U.S. airports could lose all their flights this year–

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Almost all the major U.S. airlines have received billions of dollars from the government to keep the wheels from falling off during this pandemic. What most people don’t realize is that almost all the regional jet airlines (small 50-100 passenger jets) that fly for the major airlines have received no funding from the government and […]

As airlines add more flights, now is also the time to use your frequent flyer miles –

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  If you have a bunch of airline frequent flyer miles, flying after Labor Day is a good time to try to redeem them. United Airlines is adding a bunch of international and domestic flights in September. American, United, and Southwest are all adding domestic flights as well. Before you redeem your frequent flyer miles […]