Amazing flight prices to Europe right now 

Amazing flight prices to Europe right now 

This week I have been checking the airline prices to Europe for this spring. I have found roundtrip prices from Omaha to Rome for around $695 from now until April (depending on the days of travel); $626 to Paris; $709 to Vienna; $566 to London; $660 to Frankfurt; $638 to Amsterdam; and $789 to Athens. These prices are generally staying for about a week and go up dramatically by more than double in May. CLICK HERE to hear more.

Business Class airfare sale to Europe is almost 50% off summer prices right now – If you are able to travel to Europe this spring the airlines are offering some amazing prices for business class airfares from the USA. This morning I found round-trip, business class prices from Omaha to Athens in February 2024 for $3,429; Paris $3,078; Rome $2,999; Frankfurt $3,070; Vienna $3,246; and Amsterdam $3,028. I don’t know how long this sale is going to last but right now you save thousands of dollars for business class seats as the airlines are trying to fill empty seats. CLICK HERE for more. 

If you have to take a short trip to Europe the airlines will zing you with double the price for your airline ticket – I recently looked for a trip from Omaha to Rome departing February 27 and returning March 6. This trip which lasts 8 days would be $697 RT. However if I stay 4 days for a business meeting the price jumps to $1,355 and a 3 day trip is $1,643. Basically all the airlines will hit the business traveler with over double the price for a short trip while offering a vacation traveler of 7 days or longer a great price. CLICK HERE for more. 

Your next flight to Europe may include a train connection instead of a flight connection – While doing research this week on flights to European cities that are not airline hubs, I noticed that some airlines include train connections instead of airline connections when flying to secondary European cities. While this is nothing new to most Europeans, train travel is an anomaly to most Americans. France started this ball rolling when they announced they were outlawing flights within France when a train-alternative of 2.5 hours or less exists. This means if you Fly to Paris and want a flight into the Normandy area you will most likely only be offered a train ride. CLICK HERE to read more.  CLICK HERE to hear Paul and I discuss more.

When an airline says they are “Going Green” it basically means get out your wallet –  Analysts expect that the recent changes to the EU’s Emissions Trading System will dramatically increase the costs for the aviation industry, which ultimately hit passengers in their pocketbooks. Going Green is a code word in the aviation industry for increased carbon offset fees that will be assessed to passengers when they fly. The government will say they will tax the airlines, but the airlines will simply pass the cost on to the customers.  My guess is this will start out costing about $10 to $15, but once it starts, who knows how high it can go? CLICK HERE for more. 

I have changed my mind and now like the jumbo shampoo bottles in hotel showers – All major hotel chains are moving rapidly away from tiny, one use, shampoo, body wash, and conditioner bottles in the shower and are replacing them with jumbo, multi-use bottles. I didn’t like them at first but now am starting to warm up to the idea. I know they save the hotels a lot of money and are better for our environment.  See you can teach an old dog new tricks. CLICK HERE for more. 

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