Boeing 737MAX has a magical turnaround from bad-egg to a golden goose

Boeing 737MAX has a magical turnaround from bad-egg to a golden goose

It is amazing how quickly the flying public has forgotten the problems Boeing’s new 737Max suffered in 2019 with 2 major crashes that killed hundreds of people and grounded the new jetliner until December of 2020. Last year 40% to 70% said they would not fly on the jet. Now it appears like almost no one is afraid to fly her. Almost all the airlines who purchased the jet originally offered to allow someone who bought a ticket on a Boeing 737MAX could opt off the plane and take another flight. Amazingly, almost no one has. As I said last year, with all the testing and retesting done on this jetliner since the crashes I am convinced this may be the safest airplane in the sky. It seems like almost everyone agrees. CLICK HERE to read more. 

Our Canadian friends will soon require vaccinations to fly – The Canadian government is planning this fall to require all commercial air travelers to be vaccinated. WOW! This is a big step and will put Air Canada at a very big competitive disadvantage to the other American airlines (American, Delta, Southwest, United) who only require a mask to fly.  With over 100 million Americans not vaccinated Air Canada is removing 35% of their prospective customers from being able to fly with them. I would not want to have stock in Air Canada when this announcement hits the street on Friday. Read more by CLICKING HERE

Travel is Back! Or is this just hopeful thinking? – “Travel is back: 72% of travelers have already traveled domestically”, screamed a recent article in Security Magazine. As much as I want this to be the case as my company has suffered almost 2 years of hell from the COVID tsunami, I have recently seen some things that cause me concern. Obviously, the Delta variant is growing and giving some people second thoughts about traveling. The airlines are throwing out deep discounts for fall travel which probably indicates their planes are not full. Countries, states, cities, cruise lines, and even restaurants are sending out mixed messages about vaccination requirements which shut out 1/3 of the population from participating. I still believe it is safe to travel. I am optimistic that people want to travel. Let’s just hope that we see more ups than downs in the coming months. Read more by CLICKING HERE. 

Did you know that Executive Travel started in business by giving away IBM computers? – People are amazed to hear how our company started in business 35 years ago by giving away IBM computers to secretaries (administrative assistants) who had a typewriter on their desk. When we started Executive Travel we decided to disrupt the industry by offering FREE IBM computers they could use as word processors to replace typewriters on a travel planners desk. Many of course said YES. We also told them that for the FREE computer we would ask that they make their travel reservations using that same computer using our software and a dial-up modem. This was at least 10 years before the internet. You could say that we were one of the first e-commerce companies BEFORE the internet. WOW!

Please watch one of our seven 60 second videos that shows our 7 competitive advantages – It seems like corporate communication is moving rapidly to videos and visualizations to tell their story. That being the case Executive Travel has built our new website, using 7 short new 60 second videos to easily tell our story of how we are different from our travel management company competitors. Please take a look and let us know what you think of our messaging. Thank you.

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