A personal note from Steve Glenn asking for your support of our emergency effort to help Ukrainians find housing in Poland

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A personal note from Steve Glenn asking for your support of our emergency effort to help Ukrainians find housing in Poland

For 30 years I have been writing this Weekly Travel Alert and have never asked for your financial help. Today I respectfully ask that you consider my urgent plea below: For the last four weeks, I have been watching the tragedy in Ukraine with horror as millions of Ukrainian people have fled to Poland and are now refugees without shelter, food, toiletries, and medicine. We have decided that our family and our team at Executive Travel are not going to stand by and watch people suffer from the cold winds of winter with no shelter, food, or medicine. We have decided that now is the time for action. We are leading an effort to rent hotel rooms in Warsaw, Poland, and help 200 refugee family members to find safe harbor in a warm hotel room for their families, which also includes food, medicine, and WIFI so they can communicate with their family members back in Ukraine.  

Here is our action plan

Secure hotel rooms to house 200+ family members – We have worked with Best Western Hotels in Warsaw, Poland and have secured hotel rooms to house 200 people for a one-month period starting April 1, 2022. They have provided us with an amazing hotel rate of $50 per night which also includes breakfast and WIFI so the families can stay in touch with their loved ones.  We will add additional hotel rooms and longer stays as contributions allow. 

Send staff and volunteers to Warsaw to coordinate our efforts – Executive Travel is sponsoring (and paying for) a team of staff members and volunteers that are flying to Warsaw, Poland this week from Lincoln, Nebraska, to coordinate all the logistics in locating Ukrainian families and transporting them to the hotel, and finding additional food, toiletries, and medical supplies for family members. We are also working with local churches, rotary clubs, etc. in Warsaw to host additional meals and support.

This is where I need your help! – I am asking you to consider joining this humanitarian effort to support the displaced Ukrainian families by donating to help pay for the hotel rooms, food, toiletries, medicine, and providing a safe haven for their families. There are four ways you can help this effort:

1. Visit www.operationsafeharborukraine.com and hit the donate button and contribute to our effort. It is 100% tax-deductible.

2. Share this email with your friends, family, and people at work to see if they are willing to help. 

3. Post one of the many press articles about our emergency efforts found at www.operationsafeharborukraine.com/news on social media and encourage people to help.

4. Bring this humanitarian effort to the attention of your employer and ask if they would be willing to help by offering matching donations for employees or that they simply make a contribution to the effort. 

The estimated cost of this emergency project is $85,000 a month to house and feed 200 Ukrainian refugees. Executive Travel is pledging to offer matching donations of your gift (up to $25,000).  Now is the time we need to put our concerns into action. Please consider a generous donation to help us support our Ukrainians in need by CLICKING HERE.  

We are hearing from people throughout the U.S. that this is something they have been looking for. They want to help but they want to make sure that their support is not being wasted by scams or big bureaucracies. 100% of all proceeds from this event will go directly to the emergency efforts to provide, hotel rooms, food, toiletries, and medicine for the Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw that currently have no housing or support.

We will be providing all the people who support this effort with daily updates on our blog on our website www.operationsafeharborukraine.com. We will also be inviting all the people who contribute to this effort with access to a weekly zoom recording with our team of volunteers in Warsaw to update you on our activities. This emergency effort is the most personal way you can donate and know you are making a giant difference in the lives of Ukrainians who are desperate for help. 

P.S. We have contacted Heartland Bible Church in Lincoln, Nebraska and they have agreed to assist this effort by serving as the conduit to collect donations (tax-exempt) and send 100% of the proceeds of this effort to our hotel in Warsaw to pay for all these expenses. We have created a website that allows you to donate to this effort, www.operationsafeharborukraine.com. Join us in putting our action plan to help displaced Ukrainian refugees with no place to live. Thank you so much for your consideration.Steve

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