Hello from Rome, Italy

Hello from Rome, Italy

I am writing you this week as I am about to board my plane home after spending a few days inspecting hotels and a luxury villa that can delight the hundreds of customers we assist traveling to Italy every year. 

Here are 8 short observations of our trip so far:

1.Tourists have invaded Italy – Italy is going bonkers with tourists from all over the world. I have never seen as many tourists packing the streets of Rome as I experienced this week. All the major tourist sites are shoulder to shoulder-with tourists. Even driving into the city of Siena in Tuscany had stop-and-go traffic for miles. 

2.The high travel season for Italy has expanded from May through September – These are the months with the most crowds and highest prices. I usually recommend staying away from Italy in July and August because of the heat. I now recommend traveling to Italy during April and October for the best combination of weather, prices, and moderate crowds. 

3.Hotel prices in Rome have gone wacko – Five star hotels this week cost $1200 a night. 4 star hotels $800 a night. And even a boutique 3-star is $400+. 

4.It’s hard to find an Italian among all the tourists – Americans love Italy and at almost every corner you can hear someone speaking English. 

5.The US dollar is very strong and your money still goes a long way in Italy – Today the Euro to USD was $1.07. Just two years ago the dollar had shrunk to $1.21. Basically your USD buys 12% more today in Italy than it did two years ago. 

6.Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs – Seems like every person in Italy has a dog. There are more dogs than kids. And how come everyone can miss stepping in doggy “deposits” except me?

7.Umbria is replacing Tuscany as the new “hot” Province in Italy – Ever since the book “Under the Tuscan Sun” came out the province of Tuscany just south of Florence has seen a massive increase in tourism. As Tuscany filled up, the new province of Umbria is now next in line for people wanting to find and experience the “ real Italy”. 

8.Cameras, baseball caps, backpacks and tennis shoes make it easy to spot Americans – The French and Italians always are so snazzily dressed. They look like they are going to a     wedding every day. Great looking shoes, suits, and dresses. I bet they are jealous of my orange and green plaid shorts. 

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