Hello from Warsaw, Poland

Hello from Warsaw, Poland

I am coming to you this week from Warsaw, Poland as I am visiting www.OperationSafeHarborUkraine.com. This humanitarian effort started in April by Executive Travel offers hotel rooms, food, and medical supplies to Ukrainian mothers and children who have fled the war in Ukraine. I am proud to report we have assisted almost 600 Ukrainians by providing them with safe harbor from the war. In addition to providing hotel rooms, food, and medical supplies at Best Western Hotel Felix we are now helping people find permanent housing, jobs, and teaching English and Polish lessons. Over 900 donors and volunteers have graciously assisted this effort. May God bless each of you for your kindness and compassion to help the Ukrainian people. We are making a difference.  P.S. Nebraska football coach Ron Brown is a volunteer in Warsaw this week helping to keep the kids busy and their minds off the war. Thx Coach! 

Travel in Europe is a bargain this summer as the Euro slides lower – The Euro (currency of the European Union) has come crashing down in the last 18 months so your U.S. dollar goes almost 15% farther than last year. Before arriving in Warsaw I spent a few days in Germany and was amazed at the great prices for food and drink. There may be even more good news on the horizon as experts predict the Euro to fall an additional 5% in the coming months to give you an even bigger bang for your buck.  

Turkish Airlines offers an outstanding business class to Europe at amazingly low prices – I recently purchased a RT business class ticket to Germany on Turkish Airlines. Their business class saved me over $2,000 compared with other airlines. In addition to the great price, my flight from Chicago was a new Boeing 787. The new seats were amazing and the onboard service was outstanding.  Add to that a chef on board hand-made each dish for you. Add to that a dessert cart full of delightful goodies made for an almost perfect flight. The chocolate profiteroles made it almost heavenly.  

COVID travel barriers coming down worldwide – A little over a week ago the U.S. dropped COVID testing prior to returning to the U.S. Now the majority of countries in Europe and around the world have dropped COVID testing and vaccination requirements to enter their countries. Basically, the “Open for Business” sign is shining bright for you to explore the world.  

Don’t forget to use the train when traveling through Europe – Most Americans don’t have much experience in using a train when traveling around the U.S. but train travel in Europe is often the best and easiest option. My flight to the Frankfurt airport allowed me to walk 3 blocks and 30 minutes later I was on a scenic trip along the Rhine river to my business meeting in Cologne, Germany. Train travel in Europe is easy, fast, scenic, and affordable.  

Passion Play Tours this August and September – Reserve Now! – One of my favorite trips was back in 2010 when I attended the Passion Play in the tiny mountain village of Oberammergau, Germany. The play has taken place since 1634 and is one of the most meaningful performances I’ve ever experienced. A couple of spots have opened up on our women-only departure, August 21-31, and our September 28 – October 8 departure (male and female). Besides attending the Passion Play, these once-in-a-lifetime journeys include Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle, Salzburg, the “Sound of Music”-region, Vienna, and Budapest. Do not hesitate to call or email our friendly group department today at (402) 435 8888 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com.

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