Here are 10 more of Steve Glenn’s travel industry predictions for 2024 

Here are 10 more of Steve Glenn’s travel industry predictions for 2024 

This week, I will add predictions 16-30, with my next 15 predictions coming next week. CLICK HERE to read my first 15 predictions. 

16. Airlines will launch hidden fuel surcharge fees to generate revenue and hide extra costs – The airlines are running out of ways to increase revenue in 2024 so I expect they will turn to charging fuel surcharge fees on top of the ticket price. Many international airlines already charge fuel surcharge fees when travelers redeem their frequent flyer miles for free tickets. Now I think the domestic airlines will start out charging them first to freebie tickets and then expand to everyday tickets. CLICK HERE for more.

17. Travel to Europe will cost almost 10% more in 2024 as the U.S. dollar slides– The Euro to dollar price has quietly increased from almost parity to 1.10 and may head much higher in 2024. This means that a hotel in Europe that costs 200 Euros ($200) a year ago will now cost you $220 USD If the U.S. government continues to spend like drunken sailors, I could see an almost 15% premium for hotels, and food costs when traveling to Europe later this year. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

18. Forget selfie sticks this year. It’s drones, drones, drones – The coolest pix this year during your vacation will come from your hand-launched drone. Drones are shrinking in size and price, and will soon be seen buzzing around a site near you in view-blocking, photo-spoiling drones. Private drones will be a favorite accessory for younger travelers as they want to experience the sites and record their travel from all directions. CLICK HERE to hear Paul and I discuss more. 

19. People want to “deep dive” into destinations in 2024 and not feel like a tourist – Travelers are craving authentic experiences in 2024. They still want to see the main tourist attractions but more and more they are turning to  boutique hotels, private villas, unique eating experiences where the locals eat and ways to stay away from the plastic-fantastic tourist traps They want to return home with a better understanding of history and cultures. They also want to connect with the locals and most importantly share their experiences with family and friends.  CLICK HERE for more.

20. Airlines will offer fewer flights but more airline seats – U.S. airports are reporting they are seeing 9% fewer scheduled flights in the 4th quarter of 2023 compared to 2019, however, the airlines are replacing smaller aircraft with larger jets so they now have 4% more seats. CLICK HERE to learn more. 

21. Don’t fly Frontier, Spirit, or Allegiant during the holidays or risk being stranded for 4 days or more- Flying low-cost airlines during the busy holiday travel seasons is just not smart as a simple weather event, cancelation or mechanical problem can leave you stranded for days. During holiday travel windows (one week around each holiday) the plans are all 100% full. This means that if a low-cost airline has weather or mechanical problems there is no alternative flight to put you on as these airlines do not reciprocate with other airlines to provide alternate flights for stranded passengers. CLICK HERE for more. 

22. Airport parking will cost more than the plane ticket – Compare parking your car in the airport garage at $22 a day for a two-week vacation and you will have spent $308 for parking vs. $200 for an airline ticket when they are on sale. CLICK HERE for more. 

23. Americans are traveling to destinations near the war in Ukraine without the blink of an eye – Despite the massive war in Ukraine it does not seem to be slowing Americans from traveling to countries and destinations adjacent to the war. Travelers aren’t blinking and eye to travel to nearby destinations like Istanbul and eastern European block counties. CLICK HERE for more. 

24. You will have more fun walking in the Walmart parking lot than cruising to Nassau – Can you imagine 30,000 people all disembarking 6 mega cruise ships in Nassau, Bahamas all at the same time? As I was pushing and shoving through the jungle of humanity to try to make it to the Nassau straw market to show the grandkids all the fun trinkets and trash, it suddenly dawned on me…This is crazy! Why would I send anyone into this environment for a “vacation”? CLICK HERE to hear more. 

25. Hotels will find ways to hide new fees if the government prohibits resort fees – Fighting new hotel fees is kind of like playing the game of Whack-a-mole. Last month the government said they planned to crack down on hotels charging resort/destination fees. Unfortunately, this may work for a few months, but we all know the hotels will come up with other ingenious ways to charge you more when you arrive at the hotel. Why do hotels treat their guests so poorly? CLICK HERE for more. 

26. Airlines will finally put the nail in the coffin for change fees in 2024 – One good casualty that resulted from the pandemic is that most airlines eliminated those dastardly $200 fees to change an airline ticket, thereby matching Southwest Airlines who had for years promoted they don’t charge change fees as a competitive advantage. Realistically, in the new world of post-COVID travel, no one will make a reservation more than 2 weeks in advance if they worry the airline will charge them a massive fee to change their ticket.  CLICK HERE for more. 

27. Travelers will finally get rid of the “chain around their neck” and leave the jumbo suitcase at home and simplify travel by taking carry-on luggage only in 2024 – Everyone I travel with I try to talk into taking only carry-on luggage. Traveling with only carry-on luggage dramatically simplifies the traveling process. Besides, most people take 2X more clothes and shoes than they will ever wear on their trip. If you ever need flexibility when traveling to grab an earlier flight or to jump on another flight if your flight is delayed, check-in luggage is a “chain around your neck”. Plus, some airlines will charge you as much as $100 round-trip to check your bags. Instead of paying for those outrageous fees simply take half as much stuff and have the hotel do the laundry if you need more clean clothes along the way. It will most likely cost you less than paying the airline fees.  CLICK HERE for more. 

28. Is this the year Hertz and Avis Car Rental finally start offering “No-show” fees? – For the last 11 years, I have been predicting that car rental companies will start charging a “no-show” fee if you did not show up for your car rental. Avis and Hertz once again are foaming at the mouth to kick this idea off by charging this fee to vacation renters. Enterprise/National, which is the largest car rental company, has put the brakes on the idea for the last 11 years, but their competitors see so much revenue with these new fees that Hertz and Avis will go ahead and launch these new fees in 2024 regardless if National says “No”. CLICK HERE for more. 

29. The travel industry in 2024 is “Full speed ahead” – Travelers continue to be filled with optimism, despite a tinge of uncertainty with the wars in Israel and Ukraine, 2024 elections, uncertain inflation, and high interest rates. Despite all the uncertainty travelers are saying “Lets live life to the fullest” and travel is a large part of their life in 2024. CLICK HERE for more. 

30. Funny Prediction – The airlines will start charging for “Emotional Baggage” in 2024- This is my attempt at humor. Ironically all the charges and fees charged by the airlines have gotten so outrageous that crazy ideas like this might not surprise some people. CLICK HERE for more. 

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