Here are 15 more powerful travel industry predictions for 2024 by Steve Glenn

Here are 15 more powerful travel industry predictions for 2024 by Steve Glenn

For the last 3 weeks I have shared my annual list of Travel Industry Predictions for 2024. This is my last of 60 predictions for the year. Let’s see how many come true. CLICK HERE to see the previous 45 predictions.

46. Short airline flights will be outlawed within Europe in 2024 – Trains will replace short flights within  Europe in 2024 – Remember the 1987 movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles starring John Candy and Steve Martin? Your next trip to Europe may make you feel like you’re watching that film all over again as EU countries are barring short inter-country flights offered by discount European airlines forcing people to take trains instead as part of their environmental protection programs. France was the first country to ban flights within the country that can be taken in under 2.5 hours by train. Spain may be the next country in line with this idea. So instead of making a short connecting flight to your destination, the EU may force you to take a train downtown to catch a train to your destination. The good news is that most European trains run like clockwork, so you should not experience too many delays. CLICK HERE for more. 

47. Some European cities will charge tourists a $5 daily visitor fee – Fearing that some major tourist cities are seeing “over tourism”, some cities are implementing a daily visitor fee to hopefully slow down the casual tourist from overcrowding the city. Venice, Italy, will be charging a 5 Euro entry fee for people entering the city center between 8:30am and 4pm during the peak tourist season and some weekends. Once the concept of a daily visitor fee is implemented, I could see that many cities will go to the next step and issue permits for admission only during certain times of the day. This would stagger when visitors come into the city with the hope that it takes overcrowding away. I don’t like this idea, but I bet we see it come back in future years. Amsterdam is increasing its tourist tax to 12,5% in 2024. This tax adds over $20 a night to a hotel stay. Iceland appears next in line to add a tourist tax in 2024. CLICK HERE to hear more.

48. 2024 will be the year I have enough confidence to travel without my wallet – For years, I have been saying that technology now allows us to travel using our mobile phones to check in using mobile boarding passes, charge for gas using apple pay, and prepaying for airline tickets and hotels, plus Uber for transportation and you really should not need your wallet to travel. This is the year I plan to take the plunge. CLICK HERE to hear Paul and I discuss.

49. Southwest Airlines will start issuing seat assignments this year – As the airline continues to grow and attract business travelers, it is starting to become more and more like the other large airlines. Their new CEO is hinting that seat assignments may be the next step in their evolution. CLICK HERE for more. 

50. Some travelers will avoid Seattle, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, and Minneapolis in 2024 – These cities got a really black eye from the civil unrest, looting, and demonstrations shown in the press that will cause some to continue to stay clear of them in 2024. I personally would have no problem with visiting any or all of these cities, however, some will argue these cities lost a lot of their charm in the past few years. Perhaps we all have lost some of our charm these last few years. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

51. Mexico is becoming marginally safe country to travel to in 2024 – Mexico, historically, has been the fun and sun capital for American travelers who want an easy and inexpensive getaway. All-inclusive resorts have taken over much of Mexico and offer the “put your wallet in the safe” way to relax and get away from it all. With great beaches and cheap flights, Mexico has been magnetic to Americans, especially in the winter months. With all the civil unrest, killing, and turf wars between gangs, I think I would prefer going to islands in the Caribbean instead of Mexico in 2024, as Mexico is taking the “fun” out of the equation. CLICK HERE for more. 

52. American River Cruising is piggybacking European River Cruising success in 2024 – Cruising the rivers of America is now one of the fastest growing travel experiences for baby boomers in 2024. Many baby boomers love how European River Cruising makes it so easy to travel within Europe. River Cruising is all-inclusive and includes your meals, some tours and most importantly, the ease of waking up every morning at a new city. Now that experience can be played out easily in America as American river cruises provide a similar experience without the cost and time of the 8 hour flight to Europe and back. CLICK HERE for more. 

53. Your butt will get bigger or the airplane seats smaller in 2024 – All the major airlines are trying to quietly put more seats on airplanes so they can make more money on every flight. The seats are getting so small they are actually painful to sit in for many flyers. I am 6’4” tall and it is almost impossible for me to fit my legs between the seats. Even the “economy comfort” seats offered by all the major airlines that offer 4-5 inches more legroom are better but they are also decreasing the width of the seats so a flight that lasts over one hour is like being in a torture chamber. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

54. I am selling airline stocks – Airline stock took a positive ride in 2023, however, it appears to me that it will be nearly impossible for the giant airlines to make a profit in 2024. They have all given their pilots a 40% pay raise and they are adding massive numbers of new employees. Can you believe that only two airlines have investment grade debt (Delta, Southwest). With airfares stagnating I don’t think I want to own airline stocks in 2024. P.S. I am not a stockbroker and am not qualified to advise anyone on investments. CLICK HERE for more. 

55. Unisex bathrooms will slowly take over the restaurant world in 2024– I really like the direction the restaurant world is heading by adding unisex bathrooms instead of the standard men/women bathrooms. Having an individual room that includes a toilet and sink with privacy is amazing. I know it takes up a lot more room but boy is it nice. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

56. Savvy travelers will alter their travel plans from the summer months to the early spring and late fall to avoid massive crowds and heat at the most popular places- As the middle class grows all around the world more and more people are traveling to top tourist destinations. They are packed during the summer months of June, July, August, and September. Smart travelers will start to target traveling during April and May and October and November to avoid the massive crowds. The great benefit of traveling at this time is that prices are more reasonable and the weather is often very mild. I actually also enjoy traveling during December, January, February, and March to Europe even though the weather can be cold and snowy. CLICK HERE for more. 

57. Travelers are changing which days of the week they travel – Travel during Tuesday and Wednesday has dropped like a rock since the pandemic. Traveling on Saturday and Sunday is now sky high. Some of this is reflected by more vacation travelers are traveling now. Some low cost carriers are reacting to these new flying patterns by cutting almost all their Tuesday and Wednesday flights. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

58. The BIG 3 airlines will see a seismic shift and have less than a 50% domestic market share in 2024 – The BIG 3 airlines will continue to lose market share to low cost carriers and see an acceleration of that loss of market share in 2024. Twenty years ago the BIG 3 airlines of American, Delta and United had a 68% domestic market share. Today that is at 52% and falling every day. Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska Air, Hawaiian Air, and other low cost carriers are taking away the BIG 3 market share to the point that in 2024 I anticipate the BIG 3 will have less than 50% domestic market share. CLICK HERE for more. 

59. The pain of flying is causing people to drive for trips of 500 miles or less – Domestic air passengers are avoiding flying for shorter distances of under 500 miles since the pandemic. They are simply getting in their car to save time, money, and hassle by driving to events rather than taking short flights. CLICK HERE to hear Paul and I discuss more. 

60. Five cities will be designated as “taxi or Uber only” cities for business travelers- Corporate travel departments are getting smart and encouraging travelers to consider taking a taxi or Uber instead of renting a car in some large US cities. The cost of renting a car including tax, fees, parking, and gas can often run as much as $100 a day in major metropolitan cities. Renting a car in Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Newark, N.J. is often a big mistake and corporate travel departments will now start flagging travelers to avoid renting cars in these cities. CLICK HERE for more. 

61. Bonus -Travel advisors are the new rock stars of travel in 2024 – One thing that changed dramatically during the pandemic was the appreciation and utilization of the professional travel advisor. With all the rules on masks, visas, vaccinations, airline tickets and refunds, hotel rules, etc., travelers young and old turned to their trusty travel advisor to lead them along their journey. Not only is this happening with baby boomers who may not have the online skills but also younger people who appreciate a good coach and a safety value to protect their travel investment. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

62. Bonus – The Nebraska football team will win the BIG 10 this year – New QB, new coach, new players, new optimism, This is our breakout season. Hope springs eternal! CLICK HERE to hear more. 

63. Bonus – Executive Travel will celebrate its 39th year anniversary in 2024- Thanks to all our customers, employees and friends who have helped make this happen. CLICK HERE to hear more. 

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