Here are 23 simple little things that bring me great joy when traveling

Here are 23 simple little things that bring me great joy when traveling

I travel so much that I must admit that simple little things make me joyful. Here is my short list of silly things that make my day when traveling; 

  1. Finding enough room in the overhead bin for my carry-on. 
  2. Having my arrival flight park right next to the gate of my departing connecting flight. 
  3. Finding a restroom within 50 yards of my arriving flight. 
  4. Looking at my airline app and seeing I am #1 on the first-class upgrade list, and there is one seat available. 
  5. Enjoying a friendly flight attendant who greets you with a “welcome” and a big smile. 
  6. Flights that arrive on time, so you don’t have to run through airports to catch your connecting flight. 
  7. Biscoff cookies on flights 
  8. Clean restrooms in airports and on planes. 
  9. Uber rides that arrive in 5 minutes or less. 
  10. No lines at the Auntie Annie’s pretzel store. 
  11. Getting a shoeshine at the Denver airport. 
  12. Finding an earlier flight home so I can enjoy a great night of sleep in my own bed. 
  13. Finding an electric plug to charge my phone on the airplane. 
  14. Finding a hotel bed with a soft mattress that gets me 8 hours of sleep. 
  15. Hotels with two-ply toilet paper. 
  16. Finding a cafe where the locals eat and drink. 
  17. Receiving great personal service and thanking them with a personal “Thank you” as well as a generous tip. 
  18. Looking out the window of an airplane for the 10,000th time and feeling like a kid flying for the first time. 
  19. Seeing that my luggage is the first one to come out on the luggage carousel after my flight. 
  20. Seeing no one ahead of me in the TSA Precheck security line.  
  21. Having an empty middle seat next to me on a flight.  
  22. Seeing the parking shuttle pull up to the curb just as I exit the terminal. 
  23. When the guy sitting in front of me does not try to recline his seat into my chest.

Please share with me a few of the things that bring you a little joy when traveling.  

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