Here is Steve’s 14 point checklist if you plan to travel internationally this year

Here is Steve’s 14 point checklist if you plan to travel internationally this year

Using this list will make sure you don’t have many hiccups along the way.

1 – Valid Passport – Check the expiration date of your passport. Ensure that it is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the destination country. If your passport is expiring soon, renew it before your trip.

2 – Visas and Entry Requirements – Research the visa requirements for your destination country and ensure you have the necessary visas. Check if you qualify for visa-free entry or if you need to apply in advance. Determine if there are any additional entry requirements, such as proof of onward travel, return ticket, or visa extensions.

3 – Travel Advisory and Safety – Review the travel advisories and warnings issued by your government for the destination country. Familiarize yourself with the local laws, customs, and cultural norms.

4 – Immunizations and Health – Consult with a healthcare professional or travel clinic to determine if you need any vaccinations or immunizations for your destination. Carry your vaccination records with you, if required. On a recent trip to India I had a list of 6 shots or pills that were required.

5 – Travel Insurance – Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellation, lost baggage, and other unforeseen circumstances. Review the policy details and ensure it meets your needs. Our office can set you up with the right policy and coverage.

6 – Currency and Finances – Research the local currency and exchange rates. Notify your bank and credit card companies about your travel plans to avoid any issues with card usage. Carry a mix of cash and cards for convenience and emergencies. The best place to exchange money is usually at a bank or bank ATM in the country you are visiting.

7 – Itinerary and Reservations – Confirm your flight bookings, accommodation reservations, and any other pre-booked activities. Keep copies of your itinerary, hotel confirmations, and contact information for easy access. This is where a good travel advisor comes in handy as they will notify you of any major schedule changes to make your trip go as smooth as possible.

8 – Electronics and Communication – Check the power plug types and voltage used in your destination country. Consider bringing a universal adapter for charging your devices. Many hotels now provide a USB plug that allows you to not need an adaptor. Arrange for international roaming with your mobile phone company or purchase a local SIM card for your phone if needed. I use my cell phone so much when I travel I have found paying the $10 a day international rate plan is the no hassle no mess way for me.

9 – Medications and Prescriptions – Carry an ample supply of any prescription medications you require. Keep them in their original labeled containers. Keep them in your carry on and not in your suitcase. Take a picture of each prescription so you can show the pharmacy if you lose them. Check if your medications are allowed in the destination country and carry any necessary supporting documents.

10 – Travel Documents – Make copies or take photos of important travel documents like your passport, visas, and travel insurance. Store electronic copies securely in cloud storage or email them to yourself for easy access in case of loss or theft. Your travel advisor will often keep copies of them so you can just ask them to send you copies if they are lost.

11- Transportation – Research transportation options at your destination, including public transport, taxi services, Uber or car rentals.  Familiarize yourself with local traffic rules if you plan to drive. Many people are paralyzed when they find that they are driving on the left side of the road in certain countries.  When in doubt leave the driving to someone else and use a taxi or Uber within most urban areas.

12 – Local Customs and Etiquette – Learn about the local customs, traditions, and etiquette of your destination to ensure respectful interactions with locals.

13 – Pack Smart – Check the weather conditions for your destination and pack accordingly. Don’t forget essentials like appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes, necessary medications, toiletries, and travel adapters. Most people pack twice as many clothes as they need.  This year I am challenging people to fit all their clothes in a carry-on luggage and use the hotel to wash clothes if you need to.  Why hassle with all that luggage and worry about it being lost in transit when a single carry-on  is all you need?

14 – Emergency Contacts – Save important contact numbers in your phone, including your embassy or consulate, local emergency services, and your travel agency’s contact information.

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