I now call flying  in July and August  the “Travel Twilight Zone”

I now call flying  in July and August  the “Travel Twilight Zone”

Some of you might be old enough to remember the “Twilight Zone” science fiction horror TV show by Rod Serling. The show had the famous opening of, “You’re traveling through another dimension – a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone”. Using this analogy as inspiration I am now officially branding traveling during the months of July and August as the “Travel Twilight Zone”. Here is my take on the “Travel Twilight Zone”. 

As you step into the “Travel Twilight Zone” the travel world transforms into a realm of bustling airports, cramped planes, and scorching heat. A journey into this realm feels almost otherworldly, as massive crowds and airport bustle merge.

Airplanes act as time machines, compacting space and whisking you between realities. Airplane seats shrink, once spacious legroom reduced to legend. Strangers become seatmates and fellow storytellers. Airports evolve into cultural crossroads, languages blending like paints and scents of global cuisine wafting.

During the “Travel Twilight Zone”, nature’s furnace opens and you are swimming in sweat while worrying if you can make your connecting flight. Navigating gates becomes a sprint, the true test in both heat and enthusiasm.

This “Travel Twilight Zone” has its charm, forging connections and tales, however, I for one now prefer to travel during the other ten months of the year when the hustle and bustle of summer subsides into the casual excitement of finding an empty row of seats on the airplane, cool breezes and prices that fall from the stratosphere.

Here are 6 short observations from traveling this week

1. I can’t believe I am paying to fly from Nebraska where the temperature today is 80 degrees to Dallas where the temperature is 105 degrees

2. All airplanes are full

3. All airports feel like sardine cans.

4. I noticed for the first time I may be the oldest person on my flight to Chicago. Dang.

5. I observed the most amazing smell of Auntie Annie’s when stepping off the gangway at gate F5 in ORD. I wish they could put that smell in a can and everyone would always walk around with a smile on their face.

6. Always plan for a minimum two hour layover at connecting airports (sometimes not possible) to take the stress out of that 30 minute flight delay.7. I overheard a person on my flight say this is the first time they had met a co-worker in person in 4 years. Instead of saying the we’re meeting “in- person”, they actually said the were meeting “three dimensionally.” 

8. How come so many flight attendant are so grumpy?  

You have to watch this funny video that compares flight attendants from all the different airlines. This is so real it is scary. CLICK HERE

It costs about $250 an hour to fly business class to Europe – Many people want to splurge when they travel to Europe by upgrading from Coach to Business class. In business class you get lay flat seats, champagne, large screen tv with head sets and almost edible food. Some are stunned when finding out that $1500 coach ticket is $6500 or more to fly in the business class of the plane. To put this into perspective that $5000 breaks down into adding $250 per hour of flight time (10 hour flying to Europe and 10 hours back) Wow. Think about what $5000 could buy you. A new refrigerator, stove, plus a washer and dryer; a new motorcycle; an ATV; tickets to the Super Bowl; 3 months rent, a week at a resort in Mexico, how about an 84 inch big screen TV along with a computer, printer plus a new iPhone 15, or 12 domestic airline tickets. I am fortunate enough to have enough airline miles so I can splurge on business class seats without having to think of spending $250 an hour for being spoiled.

I still take pictures out the window of the airplane – I bet I have flown almost 1000 flights in my lifetime and on my flight this week to Dallas to attend the annual meeting of GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) I found myself snapping multiple photos out the airplane window. In childlike amazement it is hard to comprehend the pure grace of flying above the clouds. As I get older I hope I never lose that awe and inspiration that comes from the simple things in life.

I am so excited to announce our new video podcast debuts in September – For over 30 years I have been writing the Weekly Travel Alert that is sent via email to upward of 100,000 people each week. Now we are taking the next step and expanding into the world of video podcasting the Weekly Travel Alert on YouTube and all your streaming networks and social media. We begin just after Labor Day. This should be a blast

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