It costs you $1,552 to send someone on a business trip

It costs you $1,552 to send someone on a business trip

Our friends at Cornerstone Information Systems shares with us monthly data with the average costs for the basic components for business travel. The two-month period ending in March 2023 shows that the average trip spend was $1552. This is composed of $780 for airfare, $551 for hotel costs, and $191 for a car rental.  As you will note, the airfares and hotel have all gone higher this year. Also, this does not include any meals and entertainment. This could easily push the total cost of a business trip above $2000.

If you really want to control business expenses, you need to build an annual business plan for your travel department – ETRoadmap is Executive Travel’s battle-tested exclusive 10-point business plan that maps out every step of your travel management program so that your company can meet your goals in all areas of Contracts, Travel Policy, Products & Services, Supplier Management (Savings), Client Satisfaction, Program Compliance/Expansion, Operations, Traveler safety and security, Payment, and Travel Reporting. CLICK HERE to see a short video on our 10-point business plan.

American Airlines is trying to force you to use their website to find some hidden fares – The world’s largest airline is trying to flex its muscle and force people to only use their website to find certain airfares. Ironically, this is what Southwest Airlines used to do years ago, but recently they have opened up their seat inventory to allow multiple channels to book their tickets. I really don’t understand why American Airlines continues to bully people around when they have a hard enough time flying on time and keeping their customers and employees happy. I guess when you are an oligopoly, you can pretty much do whatever you want, and no one can mess with you.

Resorts are cannibalizing tennis courts and replacing them with pickleball courts – The fastest-growing sport in the last three years has been pickleball. It is estimated there are now 36 million pickleball players in the U.S. Many resort hotels have picked up on this new trend and are rapidly adding pickleball courts to their amenity offerings. This only makes sense as you can have three to four pickleball courts for every one tennis court. And with the aging population, pickleball is now where the action is at. CLICK HERE to read a short article on the best luxury resorts offering pickleball.

Final Call – Canada and England with Women of the Midwest – This is the final call for the coolest women-only trips this summer! Join Women of the Midwest and travel solo together on the most spectacular “Canadian Cities & Falls” tour, July 19-27. Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Niagara Falls (the Canadian side), a scenic train ride, a 1,000 Island cruise, and a lot of fun! Or experience the neatest part of the English countryside, August 12-21, on a true “Fairy Tale England” journey, touring and strolling through medieval Bath and the honey-colored time-stand-still Cotswolds villages. These trips are limited to 15-20 like-minded travelers. Our awesome Women of the Midwest team is happy to assist you anytime; simply call or email Beth or Angella at 402.395.4881 / Secure your spot now; do not hesitate.

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