Let’s get ready to rumble! – Europe gives vaccinated Americans the green light to travel this summer

Let’s get ready to rumble! – Europe gives vaccinated Americans the green light to travel this summer

Over the weekend the European Union (EU) announced they would welcome Americans that are vaccinated for COVID to all 27 member states. The exact date this will begin has not yet been announced, however, the commitment to reopen is a giant boost to the travel industry as well as global business. Many airlines will now be scrambling to add flights across the pond as they had cut back international flights when COVID shut the doors to many countries across Europe. This is also good news to our friends across Europe in the travel industry as they have been devastated by the shutdowns. This is fantastic news for the world. CLICK HERE to read more.

Greece, Israel, and Iceland appear to be the international hot spots this summer – These three countries beat the EU to the punch and put out the welcome flag to vaccinated Americans early this month. It is amazing to see Greece tourism run far ahead of Italy this year as Italy continues to fight COVID outbreaks. Israel is a super-hot destination as they were one of the fastest countries in the world to reach critical vaccination levels.  This might be the best time to visit Israel in our lifetime as it was becoming overrun with tourists prior to the virus. This year might be the perfect year to catch Israel before all the tourists return. Iceland is also enjoying a giant rebound and wants to show how friendly they are to Americans.  CLICK HERE to see the countries currently welcoming Americans.

To travel internationally (and cruising) this year you will need to prove you had the COVID vaccine – The bottom line for traveling internationally (and cruising) is that you will have to be vaccinated. Being vaccinated is one thing. Proving it is another as the U.S. government is not planning to come up with a universal vaccination passport. Many U.S. states are also barring a vaccination passport. My guess is the only thing more valuable than BITCOIN this summer may be counterfeit vaccination cards. It will be interesting to see if and how people try to skirt the vaccination requirements as it appears as many as 25% of Americans say they don’t plan to get vaccinated. CLICK HERE to read why the U.S. is not offering a vaccination passport.

Many people on the fence about getting vaccinated may jump on the vaccination bandwagon now that it is required for international travel and cruising – I think many people were sitting on the fence waiting to see if they would get vaccinated. Some were worried about the risk. Some were worried about the side effects. And some felt that the government had and has overstepped the boundaries of freedom that Americans have enjoyed.  I think some restless travelers will now get vaccinated but I think as many as 20% of Americans will continue to say, “No way Jose”, and travel domestically until international travel opens up without vaccinations being required.

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