Recent airfare sales tell me that domestic travel prices may soften this fall

Recent airfare sales tell me that domestic travel prices may soften this fall

In recent weeks, both Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines have launched airfare sales for travel from mid-August to mid-December. Southwest and Alaska Airlines are often the two airlines that launch airfare sales to try to fill empty seats. On the surface, this might indicate that there is a slowdown in the domestic travel market this fall. We have also seen figures related to inflation that show that domestic airfares declined 8% in May and June. We are also hearing that hotel price increases are moderating from their rapid advance earlier this year. Travel prices across the board this year have been crazy high. Let’s hope after Labor Day travel prices start to moderate back to reasonable levels.

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In the last 18 months, we have planted 111,232 trees to help offset our customers’ carbon footprint – In a groundbreaking effort to promote sustainability within the travel industry, Executive Travel has taken the initiative to help offset the carbon emissions of their customers who travel by airplanes by planting one million trees. In July 2021, Executive Travel announced our ETGreen initiative with a goal of planting one million trees to help reduce the industry’s impact on the planet. Pledging to plant a tree for each plane ticket sold, Executive Travel partnered with Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) to source and plant trees throughout the state. In 2022 alone, 48,862 trees were planted across various communities in Nebraska. Building on this success, the initiative reached new heights in 2023, with 62,370 trees planted, further enhancing the natural beauty and sustainability of Nebraska’s landscapes. As a result, the combined efforts of Executive Travel and the Natural Resources Districts have led to the planting of 111,232 trees during the span of 18 months. CLICK HERE to see a short news video.

Traveling to Europe without travel insurance can be a catastrophe – Every week, we have people call us who were traveling to Europe and have a last-minute family or medical event and don’t have travel insurance. This is the worst possible scenario because if they are not able to travel, their multi-thousand dollar travel investment is down the drain.  When you figure the average tour to Europe runs about $5000 a person, that’s a lot of dough to flush down the drain. Travel insurance can add 10% to 20% (based on age) to the cost of your dream vacation, but it might be the best thing you have ever done to protect your investment, especially in the age of COVID.

Executive Travel is listed as one of the top Travel Management Companies – Now for a little bragging. For the fourth year in a row, Executive Travel is listed on Travel Weekly’s 2023 Power List as one of the largest travel companies in the U.S.. It is nice to know that our efforts to grow have been successful; however, the one thing that is crystal clear to us is that big is not better in the travel industry. As a matter of fact, some of the worst service can be found today from the mega agencies in our industry. One thing is for sure….We will never sacrifice service for growth. If you want to see how we prove our commitment to world-class service, please watch this 60-second video by CLICKING HERE.

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