Travel to England opens May 17 with one BIG exception, the U.S. is not included on the green list

Travel to England opens May 17 with one BIG exception, the U.S. is not included on the green list

Everyone was excited to hear that travel to England was going to open up to travelers from countries that were on the green list (high vaccination and low COVID rates). Everyone was stunned when England announced that the United States was not on the green list. American businesses are scratching their heads as the vaccination rate of the USA is very high and many Americans thought their British friends would welcome Americans with open arms. Americans can still travel to England, however, they must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival until we are added to the green list. CLICK HERE to read more.

Self-testing kits for COVID are now available for $20 – As traveling internationally begins to open up many countries will require that you be tested for COVID three days before departure and upon arrival (in addition to proof of vaccination). This morning I was happy to find that the Abbott Laboratories BinaxNOW is available at most major pharmacies and the price has come down to $20 for 2 tests. The great thing about BinaxNOW is that it can be done in your home and the results are available in 15 minutes. Taking a test for traveling is a hassle but this at-home test kit makes things just a little bit easier for traveling. Here is a very good article and video on how to administer the self-testing kit. CLICK HERE.

Take a peek at our new COVID page on our website – It is a great resource to find out current travel requirements related to COVID around the world. CLICK HERE to visit. 

I’m thinking of flying to Croatia next month – There is a big travel industry meeting in Croatia in June that I am looking to attend. It is interesting that Croatia does not currently require a COVID vaccination to enter the country, only testing. Many countries require COVID vaccines to enter the country. I think some countries will not require vaccines (only testing) in an effort to boost tourism with the estimated 25% of the Americans that have no current plans to get vaccinated. I have received dozens upon dozens of calls from people who want to know all the travel options they have that don’t require a vaccine.

Please make your travel reservations before Memorial Day to avoid higher prices – I know you are tired of me “crying wolf” about higher airfares coming after Memorial Day. I continue to see travel reservations jump every week and the airlines are quietly raising prices to start making profits again. I think the longer you wait to book your travel the more expensive the prices will be.

How can you prove you offer “World Class” service? – Everybody says they have great service but that is very hard to prove. On our new website, we list our 7 competitive advantages with short 60 second videos of each of our competitive advantages. One of our videos has the title of “ETSatisfaction” and it shares with you how we can prove we offer “World Class” service. CLICK HERE to watch our 60-second video.

Cruise along with Women of the Midwest! – Our women-only travel concept “Women of the Midwest” offers a variety of cool cruises on small ships. Check out our “Footsteps of Apostle Paul” to Greece this September 15-24 with an amazing cruise extension to the Greek isles, or how about a music-themed journey from New Orleans to Memphis, March 24 – April 2, 2022? In London we cruise on the Thames River, in Paris on the Seine, Israel includes a day on the Sea of Galilee, in Portugal you get to experience a Douro River cruise, not to mention several domestic tours inclusive of a Niagara Falls cruise. If you want to travel but don’t want to go alone then this way of traveling is perfect for you. We have a great “Pair-and-Share” program for those who wish to share a room. Call or email Beth with our friendly group department today, (402) 858-0033 /, to learn much more! CLICK HERE to see more.

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