Traveling to Europe without travel insurance can be a catastrophe

Traveling to Europe without travel insurance can be a catastrophe

Every week we have people call us who are in Europe on an escorted tour and have contracted COVID but don’t have travel insurance. This is the worst possible scenario as not only do they have to disconnect from their tour and lose the money they paid for the tour, they have to quarantine and pay for a hotel until they have a negative test. When you figure the average European tour runs about $6,000 a person that’s a lot of dough to flush down the drain. Travel insurance can add 10% to 20% (based on age) to the cost of your dream vacation, but it might be the best thing you have ever done to protect your investment, especially in the age of COVID.

You can renew your passport in as little as one day using an expedited service – As you have probably heard the backlog of passport renewals can take as much as 12 weeks to get your passport renewed. We work with a company that can expedite that process and turns around your passport renewal in as little as one day in some cases. There is, of course, a fee for this service but when you are just days from traveling and you discover your passport expires within 6 months, which will prevent you from traveling, having an expedited service can save the day. CLICK HERE to find out more.  

The FAA is planning to tell the airlines what the minimum seat size can be – Sitting in some airline seats can be downright painful. There is no legroom and the seat width is designed for a 12-year-old. Several years ago Congress ordered the FAA to put into place minimum standards for seat pitch and width. The FAA is finally getting around to putting out regulations to get public input so someday they can actually help the public. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Hotels are charging some insane fees for everything from resort fees to poolside lounge chair fees – Hotels try to tell you how tough they have it finding staffing post-COVID, however, they not only are charging more for your hotel room today they are adding dozens of fees never before seen. I was hoping that the dreaded resort (destination) fee had died during COVID but the $25-$75 a night hidden fee is alive and well at many upscale hotels and resorts. Now even lying by the pool can cost you as much as $125 to $200 for a poolside lounge chair at some posh resorts in Las Vegas and Hawaii. Seems like only the hotels can get by with providing you less service and charging you more. CLICK HERE to read more.

AMEX Platinum card’s fantastic offer for travelers is the best value in travel today – AMEX is currently offering a 100,000-point sign-up bonus when you spend $6,000 in your first six months. Thanks to dozens of transfer partners, that 100,000 points is worth upwards of $2,200 in redemption value. Add to that the $1,500 in annual credits such as airline, hotels, and even Walmart credits, and the $695 annual fee seems like the best investment you could make in this day and age. CLICK HERE to learn more

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Would you like to experience the most enchanting Christmas markets in Austria and Germany? If yes, then reserve your spot today! Women of the Midwest (women-only tours) have six spots open this November 26 – December 4. Experience Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Regensburg, Mozart, gingerbread houses, mulled wine, and “The Sound of Music” on this once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale journey. CLICK HERE to see all the details. This trip has a maximum of 22 like-minded travelers! Call or email our friendly group department and Women of the Midwest team today at 402.435.8888 /

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