United Airlines becomes the largest carrier to Europe

United Airlines becomes the largest carrier to Europe

Pre-pandemic UA was in 3rd place among the big 3 airlines for seats over the pond. This year United has put the pedal to the metal and expanded to new cities and many more flights in an effort to surpass both Delta and American Airlines. They have added 100’s of thousands of more seats and they say they are full this July and August. The good news is that I think there will be lots of empty seats to Europe this fall and winter and hopefully moderate airfares from the high prices we see right now.  Traveling to Europe this fall will be the perfect time to travel.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Hallelujah – The euro is just days, if not minutes, away from falling to parity with the U.S. dollar – Americans traveling to Europe this year will enjoy a bonanza of travel savings on hotels, food, and purchases as the Euro falls to parity in price to the U.S. dollar. Two years ago the Euro was $1.21 to the USD. That meant you had to pay $6 USD and only received 5 Euros in return. Once it hits parity $5 USD gets you 5 Euro. Traveling to Europe this fall may be one of the few ways to beat inflation. It’s time to pack your bags and call our office at 402-435-8888. CLICK HERE to read even more about the Euro’s fall.

Steve’s Travel Tip #91 – Always take a video of your rental car before and after you use it – I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard from people who return a rental car only to get the nasty letter weeks later saying that they returned the car with damage. Some people swear that nothing happened to the car during their rental period, however, they can’t prove it. Simply walking around the car and taking a video of it both before and after your rental will prevent there ever being a problem.

Executive Travel listed as one of the top Travel Management Companies – For the third year in a row, Executive Travel is listed on Travel Weekly’s 2022 Power List as one of the largest travel companies in the U.S.. It is nice to know that our efforts to grow have been successful; however, the one thing that is crystal clear to us is that big is not better in the travel industry. As a matter of fact, some of the worst service can be found today from the mega agencies in our industry. One thing is for sure….We will never sacrifice service for growth. If you want to see how we prove our commitment to world-class service please watch this 60-second video by CLICKING HERE

The DOT tells airlines to find ways for children to sit with their parents on flights without paying for it – The airlines make mega bucks charging for preferred seats on flights. One big problem is that if an adult has paid for preferred seating on a flight, they are wrangled into buying one for the child as well. The Department of Transportation wants the airlines to fix this big problem and not penalize or separate families when they fly. CLICK HERE to read more. Final Call – Cheer on the Huskers in Ireland – A few openings have become available; this is your last chance to join our once-in-a-lifetime “Sea of Red” journey to Ireland this August 20-29 to cheer on the Huskers as they take on the Northwestern Wildcats. Besides the exciting game, the trip includes an eight-night tour of Ireland to experience whitewashed lighthouses perched above the Atlantic, prehistoric stone-age ruins, fairy tale castles, Celtic music, and the most friendly and hospitable people. CLICK HERE to view all the details. Call or email our friendly group department today, 402.435.8888 / GroupDepartment@executivetravel.com. Do not hesitate; those last spots will soon be gone!

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