Warning! You have 4 weeks before airfare prices soar even higher

Warning! You have 4 weeks before airfare prices soar even higher

Many months ago I warned that the return of people traveling would turn on a dime this spring and that you should make your airline travel reservations before Memorial Day to avoid higher airfares. I think the last of the COVID airfare sales were launched in April and what we are about to see is an amazing increase in airfares, especially after Memorial Day. I am worried that higher airfares have already begun as on some routes I have seen prices double in the past 30 days. A simple flight from Omaha to Washington D.C. in June was over $1000 RT as the planes are filling fast. The bottom line is that if you are thinking of traveling this year. Make your reservations now as prices have only one way to go and that is UP!  Our friendly travel advisors are always here to help at 402-435-8888.

It may take you 10-12 weeks to get your passport renewed – I would hate to see you wait one year to travel because of COVID and then find out your passport is about to expire. People are rushing to find out where they can travel to now that they have taken the vaccine and/or have the COVID antibodies. If you are looking to travel to Europe or other parts of the world this summer please be sure to check to see if your passport is up-to-date. Many people do not realize that some countries will not allow you into their country if your passport is set to expire within 6 months of your date of entry. The bottom line is that if your passport expires within the next 12 months you had better start the process of getting it renewed so you don’t find that perfect international get-away only to find out you can’t go because your passport is on its last legs. The U.S. State Department estimated it takes 10-12 weeks to process a renewal. They have an easy-to-use website to help you with processing your passport renewal. CLICK HERE to see. 

The State Department and Center for Disease Control (CDC) have issued so many conflicting travel alerts that travelers are now just ignoring them – A perfect example of this can be found in the absurdity of the CDC guidance saying that fully vaccinated travelers can now travel at low risk within the U.S. while at the same time they classify the U.S. as a COVID level 4 destination, which they define as “not safe to travel.” It is easy to see why many people claim they have lost faith and trust in government and the media institutions that have fanned the fear for their own benefit. CLICK HERE for a good article.

You can get heart bypass surgery faster than you can talk to an airline agent on the phone – This past year has been a nightmare for the airline industry as they have lost billions of dollars and had to lay off thousands of staff. We receive calls all day long from people with stories of waiting on hold for hours upon hours with the airlines to receive service. If you are looking for amazingly fast service Executive Travel claims to be the “fastest travel management company” on earth. We do simple things like answer the phone in an average of 9 seconds or less. We answer the phone with a live person and don’t make you push 5 buttons only to be put into a mailbox with the hope you may get a call back someday. I am amazed why people would contact an airline when they can use a travel agency and save both time and money.

The only travel bargain left this year in travel may be cruising –  Airlines, hotels, and car rental prices are all shooting higher real fast so the only real bargains left may be cruising. The cruise industry has been completely shut down for over a year. Now that Americans are able to access vaccines the cruise lines are announcing they are planning to open sailings this summer all over the world.  I am seeing cruise deals flying all over the place. Keep in mind almost all the cruise lines require a COVID vaccination to join in the fun.  402-435-8888 is the magical number to call for your best vacation ever.

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