We are making an impact in Warsaw because of your generous support of Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine

We are making an impact in Warsaw because of your generous support of Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine

First, and foremost, this email is to thank our readers from the bottom of my heart for your amazing support by donating to www.OperationSafeHarborUkraine.com. Since last Monday, we have received over 325 donations totaling over $112,357. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming. To each of you, I will be forever grateful and more importantly, the Ukrainian families we are helping are so very thankful. 

We are trying to add an additional 200 Ukrainians in our Warsaw hotel – As you may recall, Executive Travel, our customers, and friends set our original goal to provide 200 refugees (50 families) with hotel rooms in Warsaw. Because of your generosity, I can joyfully report that we are in the process of finding additional hotels and manpower to extend the program by possibly adding as many as 200 additional Ukrainians refugees to our mission. This will almost double the Ukrainian people we had forecasted to help to 400 refugees. I have tears of joy writing this to you as the suffering of these people is almost too much to bear. Now is the time we need to turn our compassion into action and many of you are doing just that. 

Volunteers are being flown to Warsaw as we speak – In addition to the financial donations, we have received emails from 25 people offering to travel to Warsaw, Poland to help with our efforts to place homeless Ukrainian refugees into hotel rooms we have secured for them at the Best Western Felix Hotel. We currently have 2 staff from Executive Travel and four volunteers for a total of 6 people in Warsaw building our process of identifying families that need our help and placing them in the hotel. Once they are in the hotel we work at providing food, clothing, and hygiene products as well as helping with medical supplies when needed. We have 12 people signed up to travel in the coming days and we will need more volunteers to help us after Easter from April 17 to May 4. 

Here are three ways you can help us – #1 At this time, I would ask you to view https://operation safe harbor ukraine.com/live-updates/f/day-2-was-very-eventful and read our daily “live updates” blog that our team in Warsaw is writing to keep us all updated. You can find all this information at our website www.OperationSafeHarborUkraine.com#2 Please share this information with your family, friends, church members, coworkers, and employers and ask them to consider donating to help us house and feed even more refugees. Please also share this on your Facebook and social media feeds and encourage everyone you know to help us help Ukraine. #3 Please consider donating to this humanitarian effort at www.OperationSafeHarborUkraine.com.

Please keep the Ukrainian people and our volunteers in your thoughts and prayers – Finally, please keep our volunteers and the people of Ukraine and Poland in your thoughts and prayers. Once again, words can not express how personally grateful I am that many of you would share your concern, and even more, your love for the people of Ukraine by volunteering or donating. I can guarantee that every penny you donate will not be wasted and will go directly to support Ukrainians in desperate need in Warsaw. 

Most thankfully,

Steve Glenn

P.S. Last Friday was a difficult day for our team in Warsaw as one of the families we hosted at the hotel was a wife and three children who had just two days ago lost their husband/father in the war. Each family has a real story of terror and tragedy that we can try to lift them up by being there to help them in their darkest hour. Thanks to you again for your love. 

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Just want to say a special thank you for your humanitarian efforts in organizing a safe way for us to contribute to the means of helping the Ukrainian people. It breaks my heart to hear what they are going through and I feel so helpless in knowing how to help. I sought out a financial way to help provide and while googling the topic found your sight and feel confident my contribution will be used totally for the benefit of the cause. For this I am thankful and gracious for all the effort you and your organization have put into making this a worthwhile success in helping these people. May God Bless you for doing this!

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