You will need to register to travel to Europe in 2024

You will need to register to travel to Europe in 2024

Americans who plan to travel to the 26 members of Europe’s Schengen Zone in 2024 will have to apply for a new travel authorization called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System). This new travel authorization form will be required upon entry and is another layer that the European Union is using to protect and strengthen its borders. The U.S. currently requires an ESTA for people entering the U.S. and this is to mimic our system. The application form will take about 10 minutes to fill out and yes, there will be a 7 euro fee to get your ETIAS approval.  For a list of all the countries you will need an ETIAS in 2024 please CLICK HERE

Before you travel to any third-world countries you better check for travel advisories – The U.S. Department of State puts out hundreds of travel advisories each year offering the risk levels of traveling to countries around the world.  There are four levels of travel advisories. 1 – Exercise normal precautions; 2 – Exercise increased caution; 3 – Reconsider travel; 4 – Do not travel. The State Department has a very helpful map you can use to see the number of travel advisories around the world. CLICK HERE to see the map. You will be amazed how many countries and regions have higher travel advisory levels.

Airline seats are shrinking while American butts get bigger – For the last several years Congress has been telling the FAA that it wants it to set minimum seat standards so the airlines don’t continue their movement to shrink airline seats any smaller. The FAA has refused to set those standards and the airlines continue to shrink seat pitch and width so that on certain flights many Americans have painful experiences sitting in seats for long periods of time. Recently a group called FlyersRights petitioned the federal courts to require the FAA to set seat standards but the court pushed back and said the size of seats does not cause a safety problem. Bottom line: You might need to take a shoe horn to fit into your next airline seat. CLICK HERE to read more.

Using virtual reality (VR) for travel research will soon start to take off when Apple launches new products this year – While the rest of big tech is focusing on (AI) artificial intelligence it appears Apple wants to launch exciting new headsets that will catapult the use of VR that will benefit many industries but perhaps the travel industry the most.  Using a VR headset a user will be able to immerse themselves into a 360-degree travel experience without leaving home. CLICK HERE to read how the travel industry is addressing VR.

Warning! You are about to enter the spring break zone – Airplanes and airports are already filling up as travelers flock to warm weather destinations to capture some fun and sun. Starting in the middle of March all the U.S. college students traveling for spring break will be added to the mix. You can expect everything from long lines to short tempers as the annual southern migration of people heads to the airports. I always get a kick out of comparing the looks of kids leaving for spring break, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to the look as they return back on the airplanes with massive sunburns, glossing eyes from too much drink, and too little sleep.

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