Here is a big prediction I made that won’t come true

Here is a big prediction I made that won’t come true

For the last few years, I have been predicting that the airlines would start charging a $10-$20 fee to use your credit card to purchase an airline ticket. To me, it only made sense as this would raise billions of dollars for the airlines. Well, one of my friends inside the airlines recently shared with me that the credit card companies have added language to their agreements with the airlines that prevent the airlines from charging a fee to customers to use their credit cards to purchase an airline ticket. This is one prediction I am glad I was wrong about. 

Here is one big prediction that came true – Included in my annual list of travel industry predictions for 2021 was the prediction that an airline would offer a buy-one-get-one-free ticket promotion. Sure enough last week Alaska Airlines had a short two-day BOGO offer. I was hoping to send everyone a notice about the sale but it was so short in duration that by the time I found out about it there were only a few hours left for the promotion. 

CDC now says you will not have to have a COVID test before taking a domestic flight – Last week I shared that there was great concern in the travel industry as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) indicated they were seriously considering this proposal for domestic flights. This would have mortally wounded the airline and travel industry more than COVID has already done. CLICK HERE to read more. 

We are about to see seniors unleash a wave of travel reservations after receiving the COVID vaccine – As seniors 65 and older start getting the vaccine, the next thing they are doing is to start planning their next vacation. We are starting to see seniors planning for trips mostly during the last half of the year. They appear to be betting that even travel will be opening up in Europe once the vaccine becomes readily available across the globe.

If you are planning to take a vacation to a sun and fun destination you better talk to your travel advisor soon – There appears to be a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for travel from people who have been holed up in their homes for the past year. The airlines see this and are repositioning their planes and offering new flights to Mexico, the Caribbean, and a lot more flights to Hawaii. I think in the next 30 days you will see a big wave of reservations and then prices will start to go up dramatically. Better give your friendly travel advisor a call today. 402-435-8888

We are going back to the Holy Land! – Many of you may already know that Israel is one of my favorite places to visit. Once you have been there, you would want to go back! Join one of our captivating journeys taking off within the next year. Both tours offer a great combination of Jordan, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, and the Holy Land, featuring the biblical wonders this county has to offer. The first departure is October 10-21, 2021, hosted by Fr. Steve Major, and limited to 30 travelers. CLICK HERE to see all the details, we have 10 spots left. The second trip, February 17-28, 2022, is hosted by our Women of the Midwest unique travel concept; a women-only tour. CLICK HERE to see the tour details should this great way of traveling sound appealing to you. This tour is limited to 20 travelers. Call or email our friendly group department today, (402) 858-0033 / to learn all the ins and outs.

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